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Peace of Mind – A Message from Scott

Update:  Maggie O’Connell retired as a reverse mortgage loan originator in September 2022. Her son Scott O’Connell is now leading the team and providing the excellent customer service and expertise you have come to expect from the O’Connell Team.  Maggie is now a notary public and loan signing agent in Nevada specializing in reverse mortgage loan signings.

We provide peace of mind! This statement I think sums up what we do for you. Not only in the program that we promote but in the service we provide. Let us elaborate. The program, reverse mortgages, gives you peace of mind because it may eliminate mortgage payments and provide extra cash or line of credit to take care of your financial needs in the future. To give you that added security you need in this world or ‘what if’s’. What if I need home repairs. What if I become ill and have medical bills. What if inflation hits my pocketbook hard. What if I want to go on a vacation and enjoy life more!

And we provide peace of mind in knowing that in the loan process, we will be there for you. This isn’t an assembly line operation where the sales person catches you on their hook and passes you down the line to people you don’t know and who don’t know you. We call our business a “Reverse Mortgage Boutique”.  You will have the peace of mind knowing we will be there for you from start to finish and with many years of experience in the reverse mortgage profession, you’ll receive not only expert knowledge but compassionate assistance. We will learn and understand the way you operate, the way your mind works and cater to your specific needs. We will be your point of contact and take responsibility through the entire process from our initial conversation and education to final closing documents and be the people you call in years to come when a question comes up.  We take special care to insure your sensitive financial documents will be secure and safe.

Many of our clients shop around and get quotes from the big reverse mortgage ‘mills’ to try to get the best rates and lowest costs. They are often surprised to find out they get that along with exceptional service and “Peace of Mind”.


We are attentive to your file at all times and keep you up to date on the progress of the appraisal, loan submittal, document preparation and closing.

We are extremely careful about keeping personal information confidential and safe. You can rest assured, no unauthorized eyes will fall upon your personal information.

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